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es.▓ It is estimated that more than one-third of the frontline researchers in the United States are born overseas. One-fifth of the Nobel Prize winners from the United States from 1901 to▓ 2015 were born outside of that country: that's 63 of them. ▓As a result, American accusations that it's ▓improper for China to try to attract foreign talent, and to encourage its overseas students to re▓turn home after graduation, are unco▓nvincing.It is a well-worn path for developing countries to use the capital, technology, and ma

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nagement experience of more advanced nations to accelerate their development. This is more often the case for late-developing countries▓ during their early days stepping into global markets. The developing country gets access to the benefits of innovation. And t▓he owners of this intellectual property maximize their returns from its widespread u▓se.Japan and South Korea provide examples of this process. During their industrialization, Japan focused on learning ▓about advanced technology from the United States and Europe, as it gradually developed

its powerful world-leading manufacturing industry. And South Ko▓rea actively introduced advanced technologies from places like the United States, Europe, and Japan, and in doing so has become an advanced industrialized country in a short period of time.In a modern globalized economy, it is necessary to share knowledge in order to create new things of value. But restricting the diffusion of▓ new knowledge and attaching a price to its use by others provides a necessary motivation for innovation. This is why it is impo▓rtant to find the right balance between

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